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Your health is your most valuable asset. Treat yourself to the #1 training studio in Silicon Valley!

Meet our Expert Trainers

Ashley Selman

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Ashley owns and operates Evolution Trainers in Mountain View, CA, a world-class fitness and performance facility that focuses on personal training, small group training and wellness services. Her vision of bringing the best trainers in the Bay area together in a cutting-edge facility has certainly succeeded!

Evolution Trainers was voted the Best Training Facility in Silicon Valley by both City Search and San Jose Magazine. And with over 35 industry leading personal trainers and health practitioners operating out of Evolution Trainers, clients are sure to experience a customized, high-end approach that is difficult to find in other fitness facilities.

Ashley’s background as a national track and field champion opened the doors to coach World Record holder Jackie Joyner-Kersee, and World Cup Champion, Brandi Chastain. She was also a coach for the Stanford Track and Field team and was the first female strength coach for the University of Oregon.
Ashley was also recognized as one of the ‘Top 10 Trainers in the Bay Area’ by the San Francisco Chronicle, and as one of the ‘Top 100 Trainers in the U.S.’ by Men’s Journal.

If you are interested in working with Ashley, she is currently accepting new clients into her small group training program on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Please visit our Small Group Training page for more details here.
Or, contact Ashley directly at ashley@evolutiontrainers.com


Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Areas of Specialty

Group Training
Sport Specific Performance

Abbey White

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Abbey White has been a fitness and athletic coach over the past decade, motivating and helping hundreds of individuals adopt healthy lifestyles and physically transforming their bodies. She has worked with various types of clients including: professionals seeking better health, seniors, competitive athletes, those struggling with severe obesity, and individuals with chronic illness.  Over the years Abbey has found great success by integrating circuit and strength training principles with Pilates foundational movements. This combination creates great results in improving body composition, core strength and total body strength.

Abbey’s main specialty lies goal setting and game planning.  Through her “Define, Learn, Do” process she’ll help you create the roadmap to reaching your fitness goals.

Growing up as a competitive athlete in various sports, including collegiate water polo, helped to shape her strong passion for fitness as a lifestyle. Abbey has a B.S. in Kinesiology with experience as a personal trainer, coaching TRX, group exercise, and Pilates Reformer. Recently Abbey, has added the distinction of spending a week long professional mentorship at IMG Academies Performance Center in Bradenton, Florida.

Leading by example, she strives to get better physically and mentally, whenever the opportunity presents itself. This includes a track record of several full and half marathons, trail runs, triathlons and recently taking first place in the Under Armour/IDEA “I Will” championships.

She is committed to developing her expertise with the most current research in the field to help each person reach their full potential.

Contact Abbey at abbey@evolutiontrainers.com

Education & Certifications

B.S. Kinesiology San Jose State University
NASM: Certified Personal Trainer, Performance Enhancement Specialist
CHECK: Holistic Lifestyle Coach
Pilates Reformer
UA/IMG Combine 360 Level 3 coach

Areas of Specialty

Weight Loss
Group Training
Circuit Training
Performance Training
Injury Prevention

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Alyssa Chang
BS, SFG, PRI, Z-Health

Alyssa was born and raised in Honolulu, HI and moved to California to fulfill the dream of playing collegiate volleyball at California State University East Bay, where she majored in Kinesiology (with an emphasis on Exercise, Nutrition and Wellness). Her passion for competing led her to train for four figure competitions in 2010. Through this journey of physical change, Alyssa was exposed to the repercussions of extreme dieting and training. Her journey through metabolismc issues has driven her to educate women about these dangers and the effect it can have on the female body. She also learned the importance of practicing forms of happiness and self acceptance in order to achieve long term fulfillment, irregardless of your shape.
Alyssa’s coaching philosophy is based on the belief that life should be approached as a constant experiment. Through trial and error, she helps create the best plan suited for your lifestyle, needs, and goals. She combines physical, mental, and nervous system analytics (through the Z-health training system), to help guide clients along their individual journeys in a way that adds meaning to their lives

Education & Certifications

Strong First Level II
Precision Nutrition
Postural Restorative Institute: Visual Integration and Pelvis Restoration
Z-health R, I, S, T, Sustenance and Spirit.

Areas of Specialty

Sports performance
Kettlebell training
Bodybuiliding (Figure and Bikini Competitions)

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Analisa F. Naldi

Since 2001, Analisa has been coaching on how to move safely, efficiently and with strength.  Her students include an array of competitive and recreational athletes, ranging in age and experience from youth, high school and collegiate, to fast-paced executives and silver sneakers.  Analisa brings a background that includes strength training, Kettlebell instruction (Strong First Certified), Olympic Weightlifting, sport specific training, youth program design, Physical Education, Balanced Body Pilates Reformer, and Vinyasa/Forrest Yoga.

She focuses her time and passion in educating her students on healthy, sustainable ways for them to move and fuel specific to their lifestyles. Her techniques for motivating and educating her students include realistic goal setting and implementation, workout homework and activities to compliment performance objectives.  This enables her students to fully engage in their progress, get educated, and empowered.

Her current personal fitness regimen is simple.  Practice. Lift. Swing. Get-Up. Push. Pull. Balance. Go Inverted.  If she can’t do it, she adds it to her regimen and learns how.  She’s game for anything active that challenges the body and mind, preferably one that will start with the sun rising and ending with her acquiring new skills and a level of respect for herself, her abilities, and those that participated with her. And regardless of the weather this farm-raised central California Italian girl is on a wake-board, surfboard or stand-up paddle board somewhere nearby.

Creating community through movement, education, and healthy habits is a fun side job, which she has the pleasure of doing as a local corporate wellness coach, a regular guest instructor at Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico, and as a Lululemon alumni-Ambassador.

Contact Analisa at analisa@evolutiontrainers.com

Education & Certifications

National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), 2004-Present
Strong First Kettlebell Certified (SFG II) Instructor, 2013 – Present
Strong First Barbell Certified (SFL) Instructor, 2016 – Present
Strong First Iron Maiden (July, 2017)
Functional Movement Systems Certified (FMS 2) 2014 – Present
Original Strength Pro Coach (OSPro) Certified 2016 – Present
United States Olympic Weightlifting Association Club Coach, L1 (USAW-1), 2004-Present
Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach, 2012-Present
Crossfit Level 1 Club Coach, 2005-2011
Balanced Body Pilates Allegro Reformer, Level 3, 2003-Present
American Red Cross Certified CPR/AED/First Aide (adult/child/infant)

Areas of Specialty

Kettlebell Skill Instruction and Practice
Youth Training/Conditioning
Olympic Weight Lifting
Primal Movement Patterns & Movement Training
Body Composition Education

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Beatrice Linares-Vincent

As a little girl, she was always running and jumping, trying to find a way to run faster and jump higher! When she sprinted in the 100m dash and 4×100 relay races as the anchor, she experienced 5 years of perfect joy competing in France. Precision, focus and, biomechanics were added to her original philosophy.

Beatrice played competitively; European handball for 20 years and tennis for 3 years. With her self-understanding of how the body works, she wanted to go even further. She received a certificate in Radiology (Reims-France). She was responsible for running the radiology unit in the ER department (Strasbourg-France): Speed, focus and, precision were even more useful.

In Paris she worked in a cardiology clinic where angiograms and pace maker implants were the daily challenge.

Beatrice came to the United States in December of 1990. Still interested in body mechanics, while raising her four boys, she decided to go back to school and learn about the body-mind-spirit connection, the power of touch and muscle response.

She earned professional certificates and became a massage therapist and an instructor at The Body Therapy Center (BTC) in Palo Alto.

Instruction – She taught Anatomy, Physical Mechanism of various sports, and injury assessment and treatment at BTC, Palo Alto.

She also studied Applied Kinesiology and regularly attends workshops to keep current on new trends. Beatrice is a spinning instructor certified by Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. and has completed her personal training certification (NASM)

Beatrice’s client list has grown exponentially. Her expertise has brought her professional athletes from various disciplines: 49ers, Riverdance and Burn the Floor dancers, basketball players, marathon runners, and triathletes. She helped athletes perform better at different events such as: National USA Track and Field, East West Shrine Game. Not limiting herself to professionals, she loves to help high school sprinters raise their performance levels. She is fascinated by growing children and enjoys coaching them for proper posture to attain precision in movement, positive thinking and self- esteem, for achieving focus.

Two years ago, Beatrice opened her private practice. A delightful creative blend of massage, personal training, and life coaching to help people achieve their personal best.

Beatrice’s strength is to use a creative combination of training techniques that are directly applicable to her clients’ lifestyle, goals, performance, and well being.

Contact Beatrice at beatrice@evolutiontrainers.com


Fundamental/ Swedish massage
Neuromuscular Therapy/ Trigger Point Therapy
Sport Massage/ Injury Prevention and treatment
Cranio Sacral Therapy
Sports Massage Therapist

Areas of Specialty

Sport Specific Performance
Endurance Sport Training
Youth Training
Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

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Ben Kenyon

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Ben Kenyon’s fitness philosophy is simple; everybody’s quality of life can be improved through exercise. Whether they are training for a sport, looking to decrease their aches and pains, trying to lose weight, or just want to feel better, exercise is the universal prescription.

Ben has trained clients of various ages and fitness levels since 1997. He has helped children and adolescents build confidence and self esteem through goal setting and exercise, worked with athletes to improve their strength and quickness to maximize performance. He has also improved the quality of life for clients that have lost strength and function essential to the tasks of everyday living.

Ben has helped clients develop improved posture, thereby decreasing their pain, while increasing their energy levels. Whatever your goals and needs may be, Ben will work with you to develop a plan of action that fits your lifestyle.

Ben graduated in 1997 with a degree in Exercise Physiology from CSU, Chico. Growing-up on the Central Coast of California, Ben has been active in sports and the outdoors his entire life, particularly baseball and backpacking.

Education & Certifications

BA Exercise Physiology, CSU Chico
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, National Strength and Conditioning Association
Performance Enhancement Specialist, National Academy of Sports Medicine
Certified Sports Nutritionist, International Society of Sports Nutrition
Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant, American Council on Exercise
Pre/Post Natal Fitness, American Council on Exercise
Athlete’s Performance Mentorship I and II
ViPR Certified
Barefoot Training Specialist, EBFA
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist NSCA
Performance Enhancement Specialist
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
NASM ViPR Certified
Mentorships I and II, Athlete’s Performance
Barefoot Training Specialist, EBFA

Contact Ben at ben@evolutiontrainers.com

Areas of Specialty

Weight Loss
Pre/Post Natal
Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation – Special Populations
Training for Seniors

Breanne Cauldwell
Personal Trainer

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As a California native, Breanne found a passion for helping others through health and fitness.  As a graduate from Cal State Northridge with her degree in Kinesiology, Breanne quickly realized that she wanted to help people become their best selves.  She started her career in the Los Angeles area when she realized she would love to take her skills further and be able to help people all over the United States.  That is when she decided to spend the next 8 years working thought the country as a health and fitness coach.  In each location she learned more and more about what personal training means to her and to her clients.  Not only was it her job to help clients reach their goals but it was important that she did it in a way that created longevity for the client.

Breanne realized she wanted to get back to California as she was expecting her first child.  This opened up a whole new world for her as she discovered the ins and outs that the body experiences with pregnancy.  It helped her understand what a woman goes through and how she can assist them in coming back from this type of change to the body.  It also allowed me to help new moms in the process of not pressuring themselves while trying to get their best selves back.

During this time of motherhood, she also became a manager for Equinox.  Where she further developed her skills with not only a variety of clients but understanding how to help other trainers become great.  After 5 years with Equinox, she decided it was time to go on her own once again and she started to broaden her skill set to not only pre/post natal, but to injury prevention, post rehab conditioning , strength gains, and helping the inexperienced clients learn how to move their bodies.

Outside of work, Breanne likes to spend time with her daughter and dog.  She enjoys grilling, running, hiking, playing tennis, and relaxing with her friends and family.  She loves to continue to educate herself on how to best help her clients and become the best she can be.

Breanne looks to help her clients not only feel better and reach their goals but she wants to empower them with the right tools to become the best version of themselves they can be.   At the end of the day if Breanne can walk away knowing her clients were successful with one aspect of their training hour she knows she has reached one small goal that links to the clients end result.  And that is the best feeling to have.

Brian Fox
BS, LMT, FRCms, FRR, SFG II, PRI, RockTape
Brian graduated from Cal. State Sacramento with a BS in Kinesiology/ Exercise Science and has been a trainer since 2001. In 2012 he completed massage school and since then has enjoyed continuing his education, combining the two career paths to have a larger impact on more people.
Having played a variety of sports growing up, he enjoys all sports and types of movement. These days spending his spare time rock climbing, cooking and getting out into nature.
Brian believes that practice makes better and not perfect. “This way we can constantly evolve and become better movers and better as individuals.” He enjoys practicing and teaching others how to improve on such skills by using mobility training, self awareness and kettlebell training.

Contact Brian at brian@evolutiontrainers.com


Education & Certification

BS Kinesiology
Licensed Massaged Therapist
Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist
Functional Range Release Therapist
Postural Restoration Institute Practitioner
Strong First Girya Level 2 Instructor

Areas of Specialty

Injury mitigation (prehab/ rehab)
Postural restoration
Soft tissue bodywork (FR Release Technique)
Swedish and deep tissue massage
Kettlebell training
Bodyweight training
Sports performance

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Bruce Murray

Bruce has been working in the rehabilitation and fitness field in the Bay Area since 2002. Prior to arriving in California, he worked on the medical staffs of both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the University of Virginia Cavaliers. These postings allowed Bruce to develop a comprehensive approach to helping athletes attain elite professional goals.

A native of Nova Scotia, Canada, Bruce holds degrees from Sheridan College and the University of Virginia in Sports Medicine along with certifications from the Canadian Athletic Therapy Association and the National Athletic Trainers Association. The unique mix of high level athletic training experience combined with a solid educational base of strength training, conditioning and rehabilitation allows Bruce to offer his clients a thorough, dynamic, yet safe training experience.

Extending his reach outside of the training facility, Bruce has contributed to his clients achieving real life, experience based goals. Guiding clients up Half Dome, helping physically and mentally handicapped clients climb stairs at school or hike the Stanford Dish and helping clients return to soccer or tennis following catastrophic injury or illness serve as but few of these examples.

When not working, Bruce can often be found at the ice hockey rink, the flag football field or at Stanfords’ Cantor Museum with his twin boys Nick and Collin.

Contact Bruce at bruce@evolutiontrainers.com


Ed. University of Virginia
CAT (c)

Areas of Specialty

Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
Manual Therapy
Special Populations
Biomedical Assessment & Correction
Sport Specific Training

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Cheryl Kubota

Born and raised in Richland, WA, Cheryl Kubota grew up playing soccer from the age of 5, and continued as a competitive player all the way through college. She attended CSU Fresno and was a Division 1 varsity soccer player for 4 years. This is where she decided that exercise and helping people were really important to her and she made the decision to work with people helping them with their fitness and health. She worked in a physical therapy clinic for about a year, but felt  very limited in what she could do for people, so she embarked on her personal training career in 2001.

Cheryl has worked with all ages and levels. She has also worked with women throughout their pregnancy and post pregnancy. Cheryl also excels in working with children for sports or working with older clients maintaining their posture and balance. She likes to to keep exercise fun and fresh.

Cheryl also enjoys snowboarding, wakeboarding and soccer in her spare time.

Contact Cheryl at cheryl@evolutiontrainers.com

Education & Certifications

B.S Exercise Science

Areas of Specialty

Injury Prevention/Rehabilitation
General Strength Training
Weight Loss
Sport Specific Performance
Training for Seniors
Pre/Post Natal
High School Athletes

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Garrett Higashi

Garrett Higashi believes the character of a person will determine their success. Garrett has worked with a wide range of clients from the youth, the aspiring athlete, the CEO, parents, and seniors. The characteristic they all have in common is the ability to learn and to adapt. Garrett takes this in account when it comes to training his clients because we all come from different backgrounds and daily lifestyle activities. It’s just how we can incorporate a good healthy lifestyle, whether it is physically, mentally or spirituality. We all can learn to adapt to our situations.

Garrett graduated from San Jose State University obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science. Growing up in the bay area playing competitive sports throughout college, Garrett was always taught about mental, physical, and spiritual preparation. They all must work in unison to achieve self satisfaction in your ability.

Outside of training, Garrett helps his brother coach an AAU basketball team. It’s just another way of showing respect to the people, who have coached, influenced, and developed my character. Hopefully, I can influence their character, so they can coach and carry on this legacy of teaching.

Contact Garrett at garrett@evolutiontrainers.com

Education & Certification

B.S. Kinesiology, Exercise Science
NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
USAW Certified Club Coach
ACE Pre/Post Natal Certified
TRX Certified
Vipr Certified
Athlete’s Performance Mentorship Phase I, II

Areas of Specialty

Sport Specific Performance
Weight Loss
Olympic Weight Lifting
Youth Training/Conditioning
Training for seniors
Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

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Gin Li (Ly) Chang-Dietz

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Born and raised in the heart of Silicon Valley, Gin is quite familiar with the daily stresses of responsibilities, commuting and just plain LIFE!! We grow up, and we’ve forgotten how to PLAY!!! Join her at Evolution Trainers GIANT PLAYGROUND and get Fit With Gin! She makes exercise creative and FUN!

Gin’s competitive athletic and academic years have kept her close to home. A graduate from San Francisco State in Kinesiology, concentrations in Exercise Science and Biomechanics naturally complement her diverse hobbies. Her ongoing continuing education have led to a very fulfilling career in fitness and wellness for almost 15 years!

Beginning her journey in 1999 at the Presidio Sport & Medicine, followed by the Sports Therapy Department at Pacific Bell Park, early on did Gin learn the importance of balanced, total body, injury preventing, functional training. This naturally led to the transition of becoming a Health Fitness Specialist through the American College of Sports Medicine, and a certified Pre/Post Natal Fitness Instructor through the American Council on Exercise.

In these last 15 years, Gin has worked with a broad range of clients coaching and consulting those Weekend Warriors, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, MS, local CEO’s to clients with High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure to General Fitness, Weight Loss, finally specializing in Figure Skating Strength & Conditioning. Other athletes include Basketball, Dancers, Dressage Riders, Kayakers, Lacrosse, Tennis, and Volleyball Players.

Placing 2nd (Bikini) in the 2011 Fresno Bodybuilding & Figure/Bikini Competition also educated her about how fine the timing and quality of nutrition and workouts need to be in order to hit the stage! She’ll be completing her studies for Nutrition in this upcoming year! Her fascination with the kinesthetics of the human body has continued to increase her knowledge about the capability, mechanics and results of proper human movement and sound nutrition. She is constantly striving to stay on top of the latest research or fitness trends by attending as many conferences and seminars throughout the year.

Don’t be surprised if you bump into Gin Snowboarding in Tahoe, Wake Boarding, Trail Running or even on her motorcycle on the beautiful California roads!! Though Gin no longer coaches Figure Skating, if you see her at the skating rink, don’t hesitate to ask her to teach you how to stop!! She’s a pro! ;o)

Contact Gin at gin@evolutiontrainers.com

Areas of Specialty

Sport Specific Performance
Weight Loss
Pre/Post Natal
Youth Training
Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
High School Athletes

Hartmut Broring

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Hartmut is a trainer and therapist and has been working in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1992. Originally from Germany, his first introduction to life in the United States came as an intern working for Lighthouse For the Blind And Visually Impaired in San Francisco. He returned to the Bay Area as a permanent resident after finishing his Masters degree in Physio-Therapy (Internal Medicine and Orthopedics) at the German Sports University of Cologne in June 1995.

In 1996, Hartmut founded “Back In Form”, an onsite provider of fitness, wellness and health educational services, primarily for residents and businesses in San Jose and South Bay communities. In 2001 Hartmut was recognized by IDEA (a leading association of fitness professionals) as a MASTER FITNESS TRAINER, the highest level of recognition for Personal Trainers.

Hartmut has inspired his clients for over 20 years, helping each adopt a healthy fitness life style addressing his or her fitness as well as post rehab needs.

Contact Hartmut at hartmut@evolutiontrainers.com


MS Physio-Therapy
ACSM (American College of sports Medicine)
ASFA (American Senior Fitness Association)
Pilates certified by Physical Mind Institute
Certifications in the works:
Cancer Exercise Specialist (Cancer Exercise Training Institute)
Certified Exercise therapist (ISSA)

Areas of Specialty

Fitness for seniors and mature adults
Balance and fall prevention
Post rehab
Disease management through exercise

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Jaimi Taylor

Jaimi Taylor received her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Fitness & Wellness Management from Brigham Young University and is currently working on her Master’s degree at Santa Clara University in Counseling Psychology with an Emphasis in Health. She is a certified Health Fitness Specialist through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACE). In addition, she is a pre/post-natal specialist through the American Council on Exercise and is a certified Performance Enhancement Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Jaimi studied with The Physical Mind Institute at the Center of Balance and is a certified Pilates Mat and Reformer Instructor. Additionally, she is an experienced yoga instructor RYT-200, studying yoga postures and philosophy, meditation, and Reiki at the Yandara Yoga Institute.

She strongly believes in the importance of accessing one’s deep core musculature and using Pilates and yoga exercises to improve posture, flexibility, balance and coordination. She trains using a unique blend of Pilates, Yoga, and functional strength exercises to help people improve their health and wellness through conscious body movement.

Jaimi has two young daughters, Emerson and Waverly, and enjoys living in the beautiful Bay Area. She has first-hand experience in pre & post-natal fitness and currently teaches pre-natal yoga and trains the expectant mother population at the Google Mountain View campus. Jaimi enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time outdoors, especially in the mountains and at the beach.

Contact Jaimi at jaimi@evolutiontrainers.com

Education & Certifications

B.S., Exercise Science

Areas of Specialty

Sport Specific Performance
Weight Loss
Pre/Post Natal

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Jamii North

For over ten years, Jamii North has been a professional in the fitness and sports medicine fields. She holds a BS from SUNY Brockport, in western New York state, and is completing her masters in Kinesiology/Athletic Training from San Jose State University. Additionally, she is a Certified Athletic Trainer through the National Athletic Trainers Association, a Certified Health and Fitness Specialist through the American College of Sports Medicine, and a Certified Cycling Coach through USA Cycling.

Jamii has served as part of the medical staff for the Rochester Brigade, an Arena Football team in New York, during their inaugural season. She has also worked at several Division I-III schools, among which locals are, Santa Clara University, Stanford University, and UC Santa Cruz, where her focus was helping to rehabilitate injured athletes, as well as assisting with their performance training.

With a deep passion for fitness, Jamii keeps very busy. She is a competitive road cyclist, a Triathlete, holds a black belt in Isshin Ryu Karate, was named to the All State team 3 years in a row for Lacrosse while at SUNY Brockport, and also played in the Empire State Games for Field Hockey as a goal keeper. This passion takes her on new adventures every year, among them competing in the San Francisco Oyster Challenge, AIDS LifeCycle, and the Vineman Ironman triathlon.

In 2008 Jamii founded NORTH FITNESS, a company focused on providing professional fitness training, sports rehabilitation, cycling coaching, and bicycle fittings throughout the Bay Area. Jamii often presents health and fitness seminars for local cycling clubs, organizations, and the general public on topics ranging from injury prevention, recognition, and care, to safe cycling techniques.

Jamii’s clients include men, women and children of all ages, as well as athletes of all abilities.

In addition to specializing in the sport performance training of cycling, triathlon, martial arts, softball, volleyball, soccer, field hockey, and lacrosse players, she currently works with road cyclists and triathletes, building strong cardiovascular programs that are based on their riding heart rate measures, as well as developing comprehensive programs that improve the rider’s overall performance on the bike so they can complete the century, double century ride or triathlon they have always wanted to accomplish.

Contact Jamii at jamii@evolutiontrainers.com


B.S. – Sports Medicine/Athletic Training
M.A. – Kinesiology

Areas of Specialty

Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
Endurance Sport Training/Coaching
Bicycle Fitting
Self Defense/Kickboxing
Youth Training

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Jeff Schirle

Self proclaimed dork trapped in an athlete’s body, Jeff Schirle has built his career as a personal trainer by always trying to make exercise fun, yet challenging for all his clients. He takes great pride in educating and empowering his clients so that they can truly take control of their health and wellness inside and outside the gym. His professionalism and ability to be encouraging without being intimidating, drives his creative, results-driven style.

Growing up in the Bay Area, Jeff has always had a passion for helping people. After a collegiate baseball and football career cut short by injuries, he began studying athletic training and nutrition at San Jose State University, where he worked with the football, soccer, baseball, and softball teams. During this time, Jeff also gained valuable experience working with a more general population at Morgan Hill Physical Therapy. It was during this time when Jeff discovered that personal training gave him the opportunity to really impact people’s lives by blending both his extensive fitness and rehabilitation knowledge together.

Since 2001 Jeff has worked as a master trainer and assistant manager at Axis Performance Center, before starting his own business Forefront Fitness, in 2006. Currently, Jeff works with all ages and levels of clients, ranging from athletes to seniors.

Jeff is a firm believer in practicing what he preaches, and maintains a healthy, active lifestyle. Some of his hobbies include hiking, camping, softball, football, music, going to concerts, playing guitar, and writing.

Contact Jeff at jeff@evolutiontrainers.com

Education & Certifications

B.S. Athletic Training & Nutrition for Physical Performance, SJSU
Certified Athletic Trainer
NATA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
NSCA Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist
NASM ACE Pre/Post Natal Certification

Areas of Speciality

Sport Specific Performance
Weight Loss
Pre/Post Natal
Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

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Jesse Snyder
BS, KIEP, Dotfit

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Breaking through the stereotype of the typical personal trainer, Jesse Snyder gets his clients’ the results they want – period.

With his background as an athlete, coach, and academic exercise scientist; you can rest assured knowing that Jesse stays on the cutting edge of fitness science. This allows Jesse to fine tune what makes you feel good, while giving you the look you’ve always dreamed of.

Don’t be fooled by his mellow demeanor because Jesse is relentless when it comes to his clients’ successes. Jesse has mentored with some of the best in the business with internships and experiences under Athletic Trainers, Strength Coaches, Registered Dieticians, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Sport Psychologists.

Within the fitness arena, he’s enabled people with spinal herniation’s and knee sprains to dead-lift in order to gain strength and muscle pain free. Working as a team, he has helped overweight clients take back their health by working together to create sustainable pathways to longevity and freedom. He has lead beginner athletes to state championships within one year.

Jesse accepts nothing less than greatness from himself and those who surround him. He is on a non-stop, some would say obsessive, journey to bring others to their full potential.

If you’re ready to work with someone who can give you the world class training you deserve, come find Jesse. You’ll see firsthand what the buzz is about with Evolution Trainer’s newest trainer.


Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Science at Oregon State University
Kinetic Integrations Corrective Exercise Specialist under NSCA Regional Director Guido Van Ryssegem
Dotfit Certified Fitness Professional

Areas of Specialty:

Weight Loss
Muscle Gain/Strength Gain
Nutrition & Sustainable Lifestyle Changes
Athletic Performance
Injury Prevention/Post Rehabilitation/Corrective Exercises

John Seaburg

John Seaburg integrates his diverse education in the fields of health and fitness, delivering cutting-edge exercise science to clients of all levels of ability. He trains individuals and small groups with techniques such as; high-intensity intervals, Olympic lifts, indoor rowing, and agility movements.

John began his personal training career in 1995 and quickly developed a reputation for innovative program design. His unique background includes five years working in a clinical environment, where he helped patients reverse various metabolic diseases, including type-2 diabetes and osteoporosis.

John received his personal training certification from the Health and Fitness Institute, then became a USA Olympic Lifting Club Coach. He graduated from CSU, Chico with a degree in communications and a focus in film studies.

When he’s not training, John maintains an avid interest in film and plays softball and basketball in recreational leagues.

Contact John at john@evolutiontrainers.com

Education & Certifications

HFI Certified Personal Trainer
Functional Movement Screen Instructor
USAW Club Coach
Athletes Performance Institute P1

Areas of Specialty

High Intensity Interval Training
Weight Loss
Sport Specific Performance
Olympic Lifting

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Marc S

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I am not your typical trainer or health professional. I am not a fitness fanatic. I don’t obsess, or feel like I ABSOLUTELY have to train. I don’t count my macros, obsess over calories, or eating carbs. I don’t compete in bodybuilding, or physique showcases, and I don’t abide by a workout program, or nutrition plan. What I mean to say, is that I am just like you.  And like you, everyday I am finding out more about myself and what works for me.

So as a health professional, my goal has always been, what are the practical ways for everyday people, like me, like you, to get the most out of our health and fitness that allows us to support the very things that we are most passionate about; the things that make life worth living.

I think of health and fitness on a larger scale, in that it has become a means to support my experience. If I can remain healthy, I can experience more, cultivate more relationships, spend more time with the people I care about, try more things, and take part in a variety of physical activities; like playing with my nieces and nephews, going on more challenging hikes, or just playing some recreational sports.

These are the things that are important to me, and after talking to and coaching many people, it seems that these things are important to you too.

My approach to health and fitness, may be different than what you are used to, or what you may be expecting, because it is a co active process. What I mean by that, is that my clients have just as much say as I do, in determining how the process will progress.

It has to be this way, because while I may have expertise when it comes to eating and exercise only YOU know the life YOU live; therefore, only you can develop what is going to work for you.

I offer guidance and recommendations, but ultimately you and I will work through a number of strategies and options that we feel may work out best for you taking into account your personal and professional life as well as the priorities you have set in place.  This is the only way I have seen it work.

And yes, this will take a some time, but time will pass by regardless of whether or not you choose to take action or if you choose not to, so if this is something you are ready to figure out, understand, and achieve there is no time like the present.

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CPT – Certified Personal Trainer
CPR & AED Certified
FMS Level 1
TRX Level 1
Precision Nutrition Level 1
Pre and Post Natal Certified

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Maria Kyong

Maria Kyong has worked in the Fitness Industry since 1999 in a number of capacities including personal training, endurance/performance coaching, group fitness and Corporate Wellness Management. She has worked with individuals and groups ranging in age and ability from teens to seniors and from post-rehabilitative clients to professional and recreational athletes.

Her commitment to the profession of personal training is driven by her personal experiences overcoming obesity and chronic illness as a teen and young adult. As a personal testament to how dramatically exercise and nutrition can impact both body and mind, she is passionate about helping others who seek to reach their potential.

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Education & Certification

Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine
Certified Personal Trainer, Health and Fitness Institute
Certified Massage Therapist, Body Therapy Center
Certified USA Weightlifting Coach (USAW)
API (Athletes Performance Institute), level 2
FMS (Functional Movement Systems)
IYFA (International Youth Fitness Association)
SFG 1 Kettlebell Instructor
Athletes Performance Institute Mentorship Phase 2
Licensed Massage Practitioner
Orthopedic Manual Therapy
Primal Move Instructor
Progressive Calisthenics Instructor
Certified Neurokinetic Therapy Practitioner
Certified FMS (Functional Movement Systems) level 2

Areas of Specialty

Sport Specific Performance
Weight Loss
Group Training
Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
Kettlebell Instruction
Massage Practitioner
Orthopedic Manual Therapy
Primal Move Instruction
Progressive Calisthenics
Certified Neurokinetic Therapy
Functional Movement Systems

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Matthew Brockhaus

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Matthew has been helping people live and move better for over 10 years. A graduate of Xavier University’s athletic training program in Ohio, he has had the great fortune to work with athletes of all ages and abilities. Underlying his education in biomechanics and injury prevention is his enthusiasm to empower individuals to use movement to improve their lives. “Always strive to be better than yesterday, and enjoy the process” This guides his philosophy towards movement and health.

Matthew comes with a varied and robust skill set, developed from working in a multitude of settings:

  • in high schools as athletic trainer and strength and conditioning coach
  • in rehabilitation clinics as a clinical athletic trainer
  • in a biomechanics lab providing movement analyses and metabolic testing
  • in training facilities as a movement, injury-prevention/rehabilitation, and performance specialist.

In all of these settings, not just moving better, but also feeling better, has been at the center of how Matthew works with clients and patients.

In addition to working with clients to move better and reach their full potential, Matthew is an avid cook and “connoisseur” of food, helping clients reach their aesthetic goals through his mix of practical advice and nutritional science knowledge. Using a whole, real foods approach, his clients have lost weight, reached physique goals, overcome ailments, and improved health.

When not in the gym, Matthew is an enthusiastic hiker and camper, an audiophile, a struggling crossfit athlete, and a mediocre Olympic weightlifter.

Contact Matthew at matthew@evolutiontrainers.com


BS, Xavier University
ATC (National Athletic Trainers Association)
CSCS (National Strength & Conditioning Association)
Z-Health Practitioner – R/I
Sports Performance Coach (USA Weightlifting)
Level 1 Coach (Crossfit)
Sportsmetrics Injury Prevention (Cincinnati Sportsmedicine)

Areas of Specialty

Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
Sports-Specific Training
Olympic Weightlifting
Pain Management
Visual-vestibular deficits

Megumi Masuda

Megumi, born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, came to California in 1996 to study Sports Medicine. As a college swimmer in Tokyo, Megumi had minimum assistance with her injuries or physical conditioning. Recognizing the advantage of having a trainer in order to maximize athletic performance, Megumi grew her interest the profession and decided to pursue further education in the United States.

While learning English, Megumi joined the Sports Medicine Program at Foothill College. Once her goal to become a National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) certified athletic trainer was accomplished, she enhanced her certification by completing a Masters of Art degree in Kinesiology at San Jose State University in 2001.

While working as a graduate assistant athletic trainer at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Megumi designed year round conditioning programs for various athletes including the men’s soccer team. Megumi’s interests in exercise physiology grew as she became a National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Having experience in traditional athletic training and strength/conditioning, taking the next step into personal training was a natural progression for Megumi. Her clients enjoy individually designed workout programs as they are based on functional biomechanics and the clients’ needs. It is a big reward for her when she hears from her clients about how their training sessions have made a difference in their lives. Her training philosophy is “Consistency is the key to success”.

Megumi’s obsessive “hobby” is Triathlon. She has been competing in national and international level races including USAT Age-Group National Championship, ITU Short-Course World Championship, and Ironman 70.3 World Championship. Triathlon is not just training and competing for her. She enjoys meeting with people from different background and always learning something new through the sport. To integrate her passion into the profession, Megumi has become a certified USA Triathlon Level 1 coach.

Contact Megumi at megumi@evolutiontrainers.com

Education / Certifications

MA Kinesiology/Athletic Training: San Jose State University
BA Law: Senshu University (Tokyo, Japan)
NATA BOC Certified Athletic Trainer
NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
NASM Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES)
USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach

Areas of Speciality

Biomechanical correction
Triathlon/Endurance Sports Training/Coaching
Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

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Pete D’epiro

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Training in Silicon Valley since 1996, Pete D’Epiro has established himself as the “professional’s trainer”, with clients from notable companies such as: Intel, HP, Agilent, Apple, Google, Microsoft, private business owners, and professors/administrators from local universities such as Stanford and Santa Clara.
Pete also specializes in sports performance training and has coached competitive athletes of many levels and backgrounds, including: middle school through division I scholarship athletes, triathletes and marathoners, as well as performance programs for entire teams in sports such as football, basketball, baseball and field hockey.

Combining his extensive foundation of practical experience, academic education at UC Davis and AT Still University, and professional development at world-class facilities such as the National Academy of Sports Medicine and Athletes’ Performance Inc., Pete started his current training business, Integrated Fitness Systems, in 2001.

The IFS methodology utilizes a progression from movement assessments with corrective exercise strategies to integrated strength and power training, culminating in specific performance training, whether clients are training for sport, or the sport of life.  Incorporating complex movement patterns, stability training and core strength and stability into all training programs, the result is a diverse and engaging workout program that produces maximum results no matter what the goal.
As a lifelong resident of the Silicon Valley, it is Pete’s goal to continue sharing his passion for and knowledge of health, fitness and performance with people of all ages and abilities in the local community.

Contact Pete at pete@evolutiontrainers.com

Education & Certification

MS Human Movement
BA Exercise Science
NSCA – Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
IYCA – Certified Youth Fitness Specialist
PCC- DragonDoor
SFG1 (StrongFirst)
FMS- Functional Movement Screen Certified
NASM – Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist & Certified Integrated Flexibility Specialist
Nutrition – Precision Nutrition Certified & DotFit Nutrition Certified
Athletes Performance – Mentorship Phases I, II, III, IV

Areas of Specialty

Sport Specific Performance
Weight Loss
VO2 Testing
Youth Training
High School Athletes

Rob Earwicker

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Rob believes that everyone can perform at his or her best, and he strives to make every workout fun and effective–whether this means competing at an elite level or having the stamina to take on the challenge of everyday family life. As a health and fitness professional his personal goal is to help my clients understand the importance of a complete lifestyle while focusing on training smart.

He takes pride in motivating others to achieve their goals. His training style includes a balanced combination of strength training, interval training, functional movement, core stability and injury prevention. He utilizes a multitude of training techniques to create a positive, challenging environment to reach your fitness goals.

Rob has worked as a personal trainer for more than 10 years in the Bay Area with a variety of clients with all sorts of health and fitness goals. This includes running youth and collegiate level programs for the Cabrillo College football team (2004) and Menlo College women’s basketball team (2010-2015).

Originally from England, Rob has been involved in Weightlifting for the last 25 years.  He trained as a full-time athlete at the National Training Centre for Weightlifting from 1996 to 1999, where he held coaching certifications from the British Amateur Weightlifting Association. During his athletic career he competed at many National and International competitions. His competitive background and passion for all sports lead led him to Personal Training and Coaching, including developing his own Weightlifting Program.  He has been involved with USA Weightlifting since 2004—as a lifter and now as a Coach and Mentor.  He also served as a member of the USAW National Committee for Youth Lifters and has  hosted local and national Weightlifting competitions.

Contact Rob at robearwicker@evolutiontrainers.com


USA Weightlifting L 1 & 2 Coaching Course, & Sports Performance Course.
NSCA – Certified Personal Trainer
CPR – Certified

Areas of Specialty

General Health and Fitness
Olympic Weight Lifting
Strength and Conditioning
Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
Sport Specific Performance
Weight Loss

Rose Calucchia

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Rose Calucchia has been moving, climbing, tumbling, dancing, competing and performing for as long as she can remember. As a dance graduate from Sarah Lawrence College, with seven years teaching, training and performing with Brooklyn-based dance/acrobatic troupe LAVA, she brings a unique approach to movement and personal training.

Since becoming a fitness professional over 10 years ago, Rose has focused on helping her clients move and feel better. She believes everyone has unique and authentic movement patterns, and Rose enjoys catering her programs to each individual client’s needs and goals. She loves the personalized aspect of personal and small group training.

Apart from face-to-face training sessions, Rose believes personal training should help clients integrate fitness and health in all aspects of their lives. She offers guidance and support with nutrition, stress management, and homework workouts.

Rose continues her own training in handstanding, acrobatics and trapeze at various facilities in the Bay Area. She also co-owns, and teaches at the Radical Movement Factory, a circus training facility in Santa Cruz. She spends her free time enjoying the beautiful outdoors near her home in Santa Cruz.

Contact Rose at rose@evolutiontrainers.com

Education & Certifications

B.A. – Sarah Lawrence College
Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine
Gold Medal Bodies (GMB) – Gymnastics and Bodyweight Coach
StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor
Functional Movement Systems
Original Strength
Precision Nutrition
Pre/Post Natal

Areas of Specialty

Functional Movement
Corrective Exercise
Gymnastics and Hand Balancing
Weight Loss

Sam Morris

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Sam Morris was born and raised in the green mountains of Vermont where he was a competitive tennis player, golfer and skier. Sam attended Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina where he studied Sports Management and played #1 on the tennis team. After college Sam worked in small business banking in Charlotte, NC for several years. A move to Miami, FL prompted a career change and he began a 10 year stint in the field of commercial real estate. During his time in Miami he also coached and trained tournament level adult and junior tennis players. Upon moving to San Francisco in 2013 he decided to follow a long time passion of his and become a personal trainer.

Having played tennis at a high level for most of his life, he developed a real passion for the training and fitness that went along with it. After college as his tennis career came to an end Sam continued to stay in shape by using the knowledge he gained from his tennis career. When Sam moved west he saw an opportunity to finally put this passion to use helping others. His official career as a personal trainer began at Equinox in San Francisco in 2014. Sam’s goal as your personal trainer is to make your everyday life better! I want to help you move better, live better and most of all enjoy your entire life! Live without limits!!


PRI – Myokinetic Restoration
Kettlebell Level 1
Precision Nutrition Level 1

Areas of Specialty

Sports Specific Training (Tennis, Golf, Skiing, Basketball, Polo, Snowboarding, Triathlon)
Functional Mobility
Full Body Conditioning
HIIT, Plyometrics & Agility Training

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Sean Arnold

San Jose native Sean Arnold, has been personal training for over seven years in the Bay Area. He has always been involved with athletics and outdoor activities, such as soccer, rugby, football, mountain biking, backpacking and snow boarding.

When he finished high school, Sean joined the United States Navy as a rescue swimmer. He spent five years overseas stationed on Naval Air Station Agana, Guam at Helicopter Combat Support Squadron Five. He was sent to the Persian Gulf for three deployments during Desert Storm and Desert Shield.

After his military service he attended Humboldt State University in northern California earning his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Sports Medicine. As a graduate assistant in the HSU training room, he had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of athletes ranging from cross-country to football. He was also a member of the HSU Rugby Football Club where he played for three years. It became apparent to Sean that personal training was his passion. As a certified Athletic Trainer he has helped his clients attain their goals through hard work and dedication. His belief is that anyone can do anything as long as they work hard and never give up.

Contact Sean at sean@evolutiontrainers.com

Education & Certifications

Masters Degree in Kinesiology

Areas of Specialty

Sport Specific Performance
Weight Loss
Olympic Lifting
Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

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Steven Saxe

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Steve Saxe has been Personal Training in the Silicon Valley since 1993. After achieving his undergraduate education in Sports Medicine at San Jose State University, he began training clients and athletes in Saratoga, CA. While pursuing his Masters Degree in Biomechanics, he gained invaluable experience training world-class athletes as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Stanford University. Steve performed as an expert level trainer and Facility Leader with AXIS Performance Centers for 8 years, and developed in the Sports Sciences by testing and evaluating elite level athletes with Sports Potential, Inc.

Steve’s passion for Developing Human Performance and his outstanding relationships in the field led him to Evolution Trainers in 2006. Evolution has been the ideal environment to train the high level of people Steve works with and houses an excellent team of professional Trainers, Coaches, and Therapists. There he has built a niche as a Trainer to the Executive Athlete, striving to improve the fitness and performance of some of the Bay Areas top executives.

An enthusiast in a variety of different sports throughout his life, Steve gained the actual experience of what it takes to compete as a high level athlete. He now applies knowledge gained from industry leaders like Gray Cook, Mel Siff, and Martin Rooney to stay on the cutting edge of the industry.

Beyond the Training Facility, Steve leads clients through active seasonal events such as Beach Workouts in Santa Cruz and mountain adventures in the High Sierras. His philosophy is to make a positive impact towards each individual’s full potential in and outside of the gym physically and mentally – EVERY DAY!
He enjoys spending his free time in the Bay Area’s beautiful outdoors with wife Melizza, son Baron, daughter Fergie and Black Labrador Halle.

Contact Steven at steve@evolutiontrainers.com

Areas of Speciality

Sport Specific Performance
Weight Loss
Pre/Post Natal
High Intensity Interval Training

Tiffany Rose Mockler

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Training in the Bay Area since 2004, Tiffany Rose has been passionate about helping clients reach fitness goals. Staying on top of current health and fitness education, she prides herself on consistency and creating programs that address problems safely and effectively. As a former member of the U.S. National Synchronized Swimming Team and as a current professional, nationally ranked Pole Dance Champion, she has a strong belief in “leading by example.” Tiffany Rose is dedicated to finding out what her clients enjoy in order to reach a fitness goal and then sustain it in the long term. Throughout her career she has trained clients from top Fortune 500 executives in the Bay Area to high school level athletes and weekend warriors. She has a specialty in Corrective Exercise and Weight Management Coaching as well as Pre and Post Nadal fitness training to compliment her broad training background. Tiffany Rose was a master trainer at Google Headquarters for 11 years. She recently decided to focus on her private practice here at Evolution Trainers. She loves helping, educating and improving the health of people of all walks of life and fitness levels.

Contact Tiffany at tiffany@evolutiontrainers.com

Education & Certifications

ACE – Lifestyle & Weight Management Coach

Areas of Specialty

Weight loss
Pre/Post Natal
Functional Movement and Corrective Exercise & Flexibility

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Why Evolution Trainers?

  • Rae Lee Clark

    Rae Lee Clark

    Evolution Trainers is the best place on planet Earth!
    The trainers are both expert and caring.  They push you, challenge you, and support you in just the right combination.   The training environment is positive and inviting.  When you walk in the door, it just feels good.  Good people.  Good energy.  Good fitness.  It is full of people who want to be there, who want to make themselves better, and who value expert guidance.
    Steve Saxe is one of the many trainers at Evolution that I have worked with in small group classes over the past six years.  He is attentive to my personal fitness needs, even in a group class setting.  He cares about my progress and has been instrumental in me getting stronger, becoming a better athlete, and achieving my fitness goals.

  • Nicole Lederer

    Nicole Lederer

    I love working out with Ben at Evolution Trainers! He has kept me in great shape for 13 years.  Over that time he’s been very attentive to both my goals and my limitations, so that I’ve managed to improve my cardio-vascular performance, overall strength and general mobility without getting injured or aggravating existing injuries. He’s also brought me back to my best fitness level after two surgeries. Our workouts are interesting and fun, and I leave the gym feeling that I’ve worked every part of my body.  I value these workouts now more than ever because I believe they’re helping me stay vigorous and functional even as I get “older”. And Ben is a great guy – I thoroughly enjoy him as my friend as well as my trainer.

  • Larry


    Several years ago, I was feeling a general malaise, call it low grade midlife crisis. Although my health, business and family life were all good, I didn’t feel like I was pursuing excellence. With Ashley’s help, I significantly changed my diet (and lost 22 pounds), pursued interval training to complement my twice weekly strength sessions, and established the routine of quarterly performance goals. I am a venture capitalist who is competitive, but was never an athlete. Through my training at Evolution, I feel like an athlete with quarterly performance goals in cardio endurance, strength and body composition. This has profoundly improved my life overall!

  • Stacy Peña

    Stacy Peña

    Before coming to Evolution, I would occasionally visit the local YMCA, leisurely visiting the various exercise machines for 30 minutes or so before walking a loop through the park and heading home. I thought I was working out. I’m pretty sure I never broke a sweat.
    To be clear, I don’t love exercise and I was never an athlete growing up. When I stepped into a gym, I felt like an imposter. That fear actually kept me out of health clubs and workout facilities for years. But from the first time I set foot in Evolution, Ashley was warm and welcoming. She’s created a community of kind and caring trainers who are friendly to everyone who enters, regardless of age, fitness level or body size.
    I have now been a regular client at Evolution Trainers for 11 years, which is an incredible accomplishment for me! For the first time in my 50 years, I’m committed to a regular exercise routine. And not just any exercise routine, but high intensity intervals and strength training that have made a huge difference in how I look and feel. I now consider it MY community of MY people, which is something I never would have thought possible.

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