Holistic Manual Therapy

Acupressure, Evolution Trainers

Acupressure is a type of holistic manual therapy that incorporates the use of acupuncture points to create balance within the body. The points are usually stimulated with thumb pressure with the theory that there is, “no flow when there is pain, and pain when there is no flow” (不通則痛)By stimulating the corresponding fascia associated with pain, blood and nutrients can flow more efficiently to the affected area.

Meet our Acupuncturist

Ken Lau, Evolution Trainers
Ken Lau
A local boy who has returned after a decade away to open his own practice, Ken Lau has a multifaceted understanding of the body.  Having studied a pre-medicine curriculum at University of California, San Diego he then began to veer towards complimentary and alternative health sciences. This was due to his his black belt training in Shorinji Kempo (2006), he found his niche as his healing touch could be combined with his diagnostic skill as an herbalist and acupuncturist.
Rediscovering his family roots in Chinese Medicine particularly has been a fruitful experience as he is able to harness the herbal knowledge from both sides of his family.  He also frequently visits his grandfather, who leads a tai chi group in San Francisco’s Golden Gate part every morning.
Ken’s clinical experience is focused on the nervous system.  When the ‘nervous system’ of eastern medicine is off-balance it can result in varied diseases ranging anywhere form pain to digestive disorders and especially stress/anxiety. Having treated patients with acupuncture since 2011, he still seeks to further refine his understanding by studying with a master of acupuncture who founded the Oakland School of Acupuncture (ACCHS) in the 80’s. 
Ken seeks to further unify western medical understanding to the philosophy of eastern medicine with its comprehensive generalities of the body.  Having worked in a hospital setting he was able to combine modalities as physical therapists and acupuncturists work side by side on post-stroke patients limited mobility.  
Herbal medicine and nutrition also have an overlap.  A former nutritional advisor for Whole Foods Market, Ken understands the crossover between anti-inflammatory foods and that of the ‘cooling energetics’ of herbalism.  In spring 2016, he began his own clinic Evolution Trainers.