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Dr. Casey Derr

Dr. Casey Derr

Dr. Casey Derr is a 2015 graduate of Palmer West College of Chiropractic, where he graduated with cum laude academic honors, and a 2011 graduate of the University of Nebraska with a BS in Biological Sciences. In addition to academic honors at his Palmer West graduation, Dr. Casey Derr received many accolades that include Clinical Excellence Award, Virgil V. Strang Philosophy Award, and Student Fellow Award. He was also accepted into the Pi Tau Delta International Chiropractic Honor Society, which is the oldest and most distinguished honor society in the chiropractic profession.

The Clinical Excellence Award is selected by the team of clinical professors in the Palmer Chiropractic Clinic, this award recognizes the member of the graduating class who has uniquely distinguished him or herself during the internship portion of their educational experience at Palmer’s San Jose campus by performing the tasks of the student doctor with exceptional proficiency in the following categories: patient diagnosis; chiropractic technique; radiography; and case management.

The Virgil V. Strang Philosophy Award is selected by a faculty panel, the award recognizes a deserving graduate for his or her distinctive accomplishment and contributions to the philosophical principles of chiropractic as a student at Palmer College’s San Jose campus.

The Student Fellow Award is selected by members of the graduating class, the award is presented in recognition of service and leadership while upholding the values of his or her class, college, and profession.

Dr. Lauren

Dr. Lauren

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Dr. Lauren was actively involved athletics from a young age. Throughout her childhood, she competed in swimming and cross country running. While studying psychology at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Dr. Lauren was introduced to the sport of triathlon and for a decade following graduation, competed internationally as a professional triathlete. In 2008, she fulfilled her Olympic dream by competing for Canada as a member of the Olympic Triathlon Team at the Beijing Olympic Games. 

It was an easy decision for Dr. Lauren to choose to study chiropractic following her retirement from professional triathlon. As an athlete, she was introduced to the gentle, yet effective chiropractic treatments that helped her body heal naturally from injuries as well as optimizing her athletic performance.

Dr. Lauren graduated as her class salutatorian with summa cum laude academic honors from Palmer Chiropractic College West in San Jose, California. She was the recipient of the Clinical Excellence and The Virgil V. Strang Philosophy awards. She was also accepted into the Pi Tau Delta Chiropractic Honor Society.

Dr. Lauren is certified in Active Release Technique and loves to treat athletes and non-athletes alike.

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Active Release Techniques® (ART)

Active Release Techniques® (ART) is a specialized, hands-on treatment, which allows us to diagnose and treat soft tissue restrictions and injuries that occur in your muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, blood vessels and fascia. Damage can take place within the tissues themselves from repetitive motion such as running.
Your body’s natural response is to replace the damaged tissue with something inferior – scar tissue or fibrosis. The scarring process causes the inferior tissues to adhere to themselves as well as to other related structures, resulting in stiffness, pain, decreased function, and sometimes numbness and tingling.
ART® is the only treatment designed to effectively treat soft tissue injuries within nearly every structure of the musculo-skeletal system. Combining the understanding of bio-mechanics and movement with hands-on applied techniques, ART® treatment protocols normalize the relationship of moving tissues to one another – thereby eliminating pain, restrictions and dysfunction.