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Joel Klein, Evolution Trainers

Joel Klein
Sports and Orthopedic Massage Therapist, Active Release Techniques
Sports / orthopedic massage is an excellent adjunct to personal training. It can help you recover more quickly from your workouts, help correct postural imbalances, as well as help to discover and deal with minor issues before they become major ones. Also, massage can be rehabilitative and help in the healing of injuries and overuse conditions, such as tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome. Receiving massage can definitely enhance your fitness performance! Joel began taking courses in massage over 15 years ago, while he was living in the LA area and working as a graphic designer. What started as a hobby eventually turned into a complete career change. After training for and riding in two California AIDS Rides, a 580 mile bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles, he developed an appreciation for the power of sports massage from an athlete’s standpoint, and that inspired him to pursue it further.

You can contact Joel at, Cell: 650-483-9947 or visit his site

Beatrice Linares, Evolution Trainers

Beatrice Linares-Vincent
Personal Trainer & Certified Massage Therapist
As a little girl, she was always running and jumping, trying to find a way to run faster and jump higher! When she sprinted in the 100m dash and 4×100 relay races as the anchor, she experienced 5 years of perfect joy competing in France. Precision, focus and, biomechanics were added to her original philosophy.
Beatrice played competitively; European handball for 20 years and tennis for 3 years. With her self-understanding of how the body works, she wanted to go even further. She received a certificate in Radiology (Reims-France). She was responsible for running the radiology unit in the ER department (Strasbourg-France): Speed, focus and, precision were even more useful.
In Paris she worked in a cardiology clinic where angiograms and pace maker implants were the daily challenge.
Beatrice came to the United States in December of 1990. Still interested in body mechanics, while raising her four boys, she decided to go back to school and learn about the body-mind-spirit connection, the power of touch and muscle response.
She earned professional certificates and became a massage therapist and an instructor at The Body Therapy Center (BTC) in Palo Alto.
Instruction – She taught Anatomy, Physical Mechanism of various sports, and injury assessment and treatment at BTC, Palo Alto.
She also studied Applied Kinesiology and regularly attends workshops to keep current on new trends. Beatrice is a spinning instructor certified by Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. and has completed her personal training certification (NASM)
Beatrice’s client list has grown exponentially. Her expertise has brought her professional athletes from various disciplines: 49ers, Riverdance and Burn the Floor dancers, basketball players, marathon runners, and triathletes. She helped athletes perform better at different events such as: National USA Track and Field, East West Shrine Game. Not limiting herself to professionals, she loves to help high school sprinters raise their performance levels. She is fascinated by growing children and enjoys coaching them for proper posture to attain precision in movement, positive thinking and self- esteem, for achieving focus.
Two years ago, Beatrice opened her private practice. A delightful creative blend of massage, personal training, and life coaching to help people achieve their personal best.
Beatrice’s strength is to use a creative combination of training techniques that are directly applicable to her clients’ lifestyle, goals, performance, and well being.

You can contact Beatrice at

Beverly Blach, Evolution Trainers

Beverly Blach
CMT, Therapeutic Bodywork & Massage Therapy
” I have been practicing massage therapy for over 11 years and over this time I have learned many modalities and techniques. I incorporate all of these styles to give you a nurturing, balancing and relaxing experience.
My massage therapy style is based in Swedish, using a mixture of solid connective strokes combined with stretches and slow detailed work in the areas of tension. I incorporate Deep/Firm pressure combined with Myofascial Release. My massage therapy is intuitive and adaptive, according to the needs of my clients.
Each massage is a custom blend of techniques, focus, and pressure. Your present condition and goals for the session will be discussed before beginning, and feedback is encouraged during your massage.
I earned professional certificates at The Body Therapy Center (BTC) in Palo Alto.
I look forward to working with you.”

You can contact Beverly at

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