“I have been playing soccer for over 34 years, and been to multiple World Cups and Olympic Games, but never have I ever felt challenged and improved in such a short amount of time than when I was working with Ashley Selman at Evolution Trainers. At 40, most people thought I was crazy to put myself out there again, but my work at Evolution has made me ready to not only survive a soccer season, but to thrive. I haven’t felt so ready or so excited about a new season in a long time! See you at Evolution Trainers.” – Brandi Chastain

“As a collegiate athlete, I can no longer rely solely on pushups and jogging to get myself in the best possible shape for season. It’s crucial that my teammates and I work with trainers who are familiar with the strain that athletes put on their bodies. My training at Evolution has definitely helped improve my reaction times and speed, and these skills transfer directly to the sport of volleyball. The realization that my workouts are helping me become a better athlete and player is the most rewarding part!” – Anna Cmaylo

“I’m doing things with my body that I haven’t done since I was 20. My agility, speed, and power have improved dramatically, and I have developed more lean body mass than I’ve ever had. Psychologically, it has improved my confidence and self-esteem. The opportunities for variety in the workouts at Evolution are tremendous. Even after a year, there are still pieces of equipment at Evolution that I haven’t even used!” – Greer Murphy

“For someone like me who is middle-aged and physically challenged, it can be intimidating going to gyms. ET has a wonderful atmosphere where highly trained athletes in peak condition exercise along side us ‘not-so-in-shape’ types; where old and young people and everyone in between trains, and everybody feels comfortable. The most rewarding part of my experience at Evolution has been the confidence that I’ve gained in my ability to hike and walk around on uneven surfaces and I’ve avoided having the rotator cuff surgery that my orthopedist advised 2 years ago!” – Chris Domenik

“I’m not an athlete and have never enjoyed working out, but my experience at Evolution has not just changed my attitude about exercise, it’s changed my body. The classes are a ton of fun-the people are great and the workouts are different every time so I’m never bored. I’ve never exercised so hard in my life, or been so happy about it!” – Stacy Pena

“I’ve been at Evolution for two years and currently take private training, circuit classes and yogilates. In that time my endurance, strength and flexibility have improved by leaps and bounds and I attribute it to the fantastic trainers at Evolution. Each trainer has their own unique style which keeps the workouts fresh and fun, but all have one common theme of optimal training for fast results!” – Teresa Ramos

“Since training with Evolution Trainers, I have more energy and am the healthiest I have ever been. Evolution Trainers has me hooked. For the first time in my life, I can say I love working out. Even after two and a half years, I still look forward to my training sessions.” – Su Lee