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I am very excited for the opportunity to be a part of the ‘Evolution’ of the personal training and sports conditioning industry. After being a coach and a trainer for over 15 years, I was inspired to create Evolution Trainers, the most exciting and cutting-edge personal training and sports conditioning facility in the Bay Area. Being passionate about both Sports & Fitness, I wanted to create an environment that would be conducive to training clients with a variety of goals. I designed a facility that would provide optimal open space, an indoor sports turf for movement based exercise, as well as providing top of the line equipment for maximum variety in any client’s program. As a trainer and a coach for many years myself, I experienced first hand the frustration of being skilled and passionate about a career, but feeling that there was not the financial potential I was looking for. This experience motivated me to design a business model specifically for independent contractors, so that top level trainers & coaches could optimize their career potential. By creating this unique and compelling offer for trainers and coaches, Evolution Trainers has been able to attract the best professionals in the field, which continues to set us apart from the competition. By helping trainers through the process of embarking out on their own, Evolution Trainers is offering something that no one else has at this point in the industry — the opportunity to have a successful career & financial independence as a trainer, as well as a team environment, community atmosphere and business support. I look forward to working with the best trainers in the industry!

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